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12 09 - U-noa Forum
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As I shift into the direction of Maintaining the U-noa Forums I will only be posting Links here to news articles rather than posting articles here and there also older articles will be moved over and replaced by links. If you are interested in U-noa news please do become a member of our forum @ 
12 04 - What's new at Alchemic Lab?
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What's new at Alchemic Lab?
  • U-noa Lusis / Sist Lottery
  • U-noa Chibi Option Part Main Sale
  • U-noa Chibi Lottery
Order Period 7 U-noa Lusis / Sist Lottery
Accepting orders January 21st 2010 ~ February 4th 2010
Lottery Results February 6th 2010
Payment period February 8th ~ 19th
Qualifications: anyone can enter
Lusis or Sist kit 39900円 kit
Lusis or Sist kit with large bust 43575
Order restriction: can order only one of each type of doll, for example can order one lusis or one sist (either with or without large bust). You can order both lusis and sist (one each additional bust part doesn't matter) but can not order a sist with normal and a sist with large bust.

Chibi U-noa Option Part Main Sale
Accepting orders:
 February 10th, 2010 ~ February 25th, 2010
Option Face: Prim and Proper ( Lilin / Roron)
Option Face: Oyasumi (Lilin / Roron) : Sleeping face
Option Face: Wink (Lilin/ Roron)
Option Face: funsuka (Roron)
Option Face: Yancha (Lilin) : Naughty
4300 yen each
Option Hands: Rock (fist/grip) set
Option hands: Scissor & Point set
Option hands: Paper Set
Option hands: clasping (attached to each other holding hand)
1575 yen each

Default faceplates for Lilin and Roron will not be on sale during this order.

Order Period 7 Chibi U-noa Roron/Lilin lottery
Date to be determined in 2010
Order restrictions: None

11 10 - U-noa Quluts Series Option Parts
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U-noa hand and feet parts.

U-noa 1.5 Girl default hands

additional pictures )

U-noa 1.5 Girl default feet

additional pictures )

U-noa Quluts Gyonyuu parts (large bust)

additional pictures )

U-noa Boy default hands

additional pictures )

U-noa Boy default feet

additional pictures )

U-noa series optional hands are unisex fit U-noa girls, U-noa boys, and chibi U-noa. Do not fit U-noa Second, U-noa Zero, or U-noa Light.

Pointing Hands:

additional pictures )
Nigiri Hands (fist, grip hands)

additional pictures )

New Optional hands that have not be sold yet. These optional hands were made for the chibi U-noa yet they are compatible with U-noa girls and boys.

Top Left: Rock/Grip hands
Top Middle: Scissors & Point hands
Top Right: Paper hands
Bottom row: Clasping hands with examples of use on one or two dolls.
11 02 - U-noa Stands
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Differences between the u-noa stands for Domestic and International orders.

Both stands are adjustable for use with u-noa girls (Lusis & Sist), u-noa boys (B-el & L-bi), and chibi u-noa (Lillin & Roron).

Magnetic U-noa Stand
This u-noa stand is available to those ordering u-noa in Japan. They are magnetic allowing varied placement on the base,this also allows you to hide most of the base altogether.
Price: 2,940

U-noa Stand (non-magnetic)
Due to the strong magnet the magnetic stand does not fit international postal regulations. For International Orders another adjustable stand is available.
Price: US$ 40.00

Can be purchased without a doll from Crescent Shop, to order contact crescent shop at

11 02 - Crescent Trading Chibi U-noa Pre-order has started.
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Crescent Trading Chibi U-noa Pre-order has started.

We are now taking pre-orders for Unoa Chibi kit !!
Thank you for using our service !

We are now taking pre-orders for Unoa Chibi unassembled kits.
This is "Pre-order" not "Lottery". It is not the first come first serve.
Anybody who order the doll by November 16 can get dolls.

Here's the term & condition of the Pre-order.

1) Limitation of ordering quantity

Unoa Chibi Lilin kit: 1 unit
Unoa Chibi Roron kit: 1 unit
Doll Stand: Up to 2 set.(Within doll quantity)
Rabbit Ears Black & White: 1 each.(You have to purchase at least one doll.)

If we found orders from same person, same address or same email address, we will be canceling everything.
If your family, room mate want to participate, please contact us to
before you order.

2) Deadline of the pre-order.
We are taking this pre-order by 13:00 on November 16th, 2009 (Japanese Time)

3) Prices
Unoa Chibi Lilin kit: US$ 550.00
Unoa Chibi Roron kit: US$ 550.00
Doll Stand: US$ 40.00
Rabbit Ears: US$ 30.00

4) Payment
The buyer will receive the detail by email for total amount including EMS shipping.
Payment has to be by Paypal.
Our Paypal email address for this order is
Please send your payment and we will be sending payment confirmation.

Deadline of payment is 13:00 on Nov 25th, 2009(Japan Time)

5) Delivery
At this moment, Alchemic Labo is trying to deliver within December !!
But we just cannot tell if your package arrive your place before Christmas.
Please do not expect the doll for Christmas gift.

6) Shipment
Shipment is EMS only. We cannot combine any other items with the package.
Shipping charge is vary depending on the location.
We will NOT put lower value on the package nor sending as a gift.
Shipping charge per doll is:

Zone#1(Asia, Guam) US$ 35.00
Zone#2(North America, Oceania, Middle America, Middle East) US$ 47.50
Zone#3(Europe) US$ 55.00
Zone#4(South America, Africa) US$ 80.00

7) Cancellation
Pre-orders cannot be canceled after you pay. Serious buyers only please.
If we don't receive your payment by 13:00 on Nov 25th, your order would be canceled automatically.

If you can agree the above condition, please go to *Sign into Crescent Shop and Refer to the news announcement for the cart link*
Thank you for participating Unoa Chibi pre-order.

Masamichi Kuge,
Crescent Shop

 Source: Crescent Shop Member News 
10 29 - Alchemic Lab Order Period 7 Chibi U-noa Pre-Order
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 Alchemic Lab Order Period 7 Chibi U-noa Pre-Order

Main Sale for Chibi U-noa Lilin & Roron will be accepting orders  November 11~25th 2009.
  •  Please click yen amount for currency conversion

Chibi U-noa Kit price is 
Unoa Quluts Girl/ Boy/Chibi Adjustable Magnetic Stand price 2,940

Order Particulars: 
U-noa Quluts Chibi / Roron
Face: Roron Default with mouth parts
Body: un-assembled hannari (small bust) body
Hand: chibi u-noa default
Eyes: 12mm Acrylic (Grey) same as 6th order period B-el
Boar Wig: Ash Brown u-noa size

U-noa Quluts Chibi / Lilin
Face:Lilin Default
Body: Assembled funwari (large bust) body
Hand: chibi u-noa default
Eyes: 12mm Acrylic (Light Blue)
Boar Wig: Gold u-noa size same as 6th order period Lusis

The body in the promo pictures are painted and assembled, This pre-order is for a kit. It will come un-assembled and un-painted. The adjustable magnetic stand may be purchased with doll orders. Please take note if you are having friend/family or a deputy other than crescent order an u-noa for you, the stand has a very strong magnet that can be refused in some methods of shipping. I had one shipped from Japan to USA via EMS with no problem but just remember there is a risk involved in ordering it. 

Chibi U-noa faceplate & Option Part information:
Faceplates and option hands will be available in a man order tentatively to occur after the chibi u-noa main sale. Sale of the Bunny Ear option parts for u-noa girl, boy, and chibi is dated only as 2010.

The bust of the funwari body is NOT an option part. The hannari and funwari bodies are 2 different bodies.
10 29 - Crescent Trading Chibi U-noa Pre-Order Announcement
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 Crescent Trading Chibi U-noa Pre-Order Announcement:

Unoa Chibi Pre-Order
Thank you for using our service.
We are going to take pre-orders for Unoa Chibi kit from 13:00 on Nov.2nd, 2009(Japan Time)

Please come back again to this Crescent Shop News for the detail
about the price and other conditions after the starting time.

Thank you !

Masamichi Kuge,
Crescent Shop

Source: Crescent Shop Member Menu News
10 29 - Summer Updates and Japanese Event Info
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Summer Updates and Japanese Event Info

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a few months but there hadn't been anything in particular that had significant importance.
A while back Alchemic Lab held another lottery for the Chibi u-noa. I did not feel it was important to list it here because only those who participated in the first lottery and were sent a notice by email were allowed to participate thus leaving a very small window of participation. 
  • A while back Alchemic Lab held another lottery for the Chibi u-noa. I did not feel it was important to list it here because only those who participated in the first lottery and were sent a notice by email were allowed to participate thus leaving a very small window of participation. 
  • Crescent Trading's International u-noa 1.5 pre-order dolls have shipped.

Alchemic Lab will be attending Doll Show 26 November 1, 2009.
Chibi u-noa will be on display.
For sale: U-noa Second dolls, and U-noa option parts.
Both #5あ-22~23
Link: Doll Show official web
07 05 - Understanding U-noa Orders
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 Understanding U-noa Orders

Alchemic Lab has 3.5 types of order periods. Please note that these may differ from how Crescent Shop handles International Orders.
  • Pre-Sale:  Dolls sold in pre-sale are prototype dolls. Most likely a new doll, a short run is made for the purpose of checking quality. The parts and included items may be diffrent than Dolls sold in Main-Sale. Because of the small number of dolls available Pre-sale orders are run as ※Lottery. 
  • ♠Main Sale: Basically, everyone who orders can buy dolls. A certain amount of dolls are produced before the order period opens if the number of dolls available is not exceeded by the number or orders dolls ship immediately after payment is received. If the supply of dolls does not meet the demand a ※lottery is held. Those who win receive dolls right away, those who lose orders turn into pre-orders. 
  • Pre-Order: If the demand exceeds the supply durring Main Sale and you do not win the lottery for currently available dolls your order is treated as a pre-order. For pre-orders buyers will be contacted when their order is completed and will be shipped after payment is received
  • Final Sale: Final Sale is held after a Main sale or Pre-order for excess dolls and cancled orders. If during a Main-Sale if the number of dolls made is more than the number of orders or if durring a Pre-order if there are canceled orders. There will be ※lottery held for the leftover. Like Pre-sale it is usually a small number of dolls.

※It is called lottery but it is not lottery in the typical way. If you win the lottery it is winning the rights to purchase. You still must pay for the doll.
♠ International orders do not have Main-sale. All International orders are Pre-order or Lottery. If dolls from Pre-Sale or Final Sale are offered Internationally via Crescent Shop it is a very very small amount of dolls and they are held as ※Lottery. ※Lottery is not always offered to international customers, sometimes Alchemic Lab and Crescent shop may offer ※lotteries at different times.

International Customers using Crescent Shop as a Deputy

Crescent shop
is the official deputy service for Alchemic Lab, all International orders for Alchemic Lab are handled by Crescent.

You must be a member of Crescent Shop to purchase a pre-order or ※lottery u-noa. When an order period opens usually crescent will notify by email but not everyone will receive this email. They also annouce it under the news section that is shown when Logged in. Crescent usually will not annouce a pre-order until last minute.

Crescent shop opens an easy to use shopping cart for u-noa orders. After using the cart system they send you a email notification, and later an email instructing payment. 

You can order anytime while the shopping cart is open, you do not have to pay right away they give a date deadline where payment is expected. So there is no reason to wait to place your order if you are sure you will have the money before the set payment deadline.

If you do not pay by the deadline your order is cancled. If your order is cancled they may deny you particiapation in future orders.

Deadline for Crescent shop are set in Japan time (Standard Time +0900 UTC). Please be careful to take note of this when ordering to make sure you do not miss the deadlines.

Crescent has their own conditions and fees. When you order an u-noa from Crescent you must pay thier comission fee. They will ship the doll via EMS to your country however they will not mark down the value on the customs form.

07 05 - 7th Order period Pre-order and Lottery
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7th Order Period Chibi U-noa Main Sale & 7th Order Period Lusis/Sist Lottery

Order Period 7 Chibi U-noa Roron/Lilin Main Sale/Pre-order
Dolls will be made in advance before the Main Sale. If the demand exceeds the supply a lottery will  be held for those who will receive dolls first. This Main sale will be after the currently in production Order Period 7 U-noa 1.5 Lusis and Sist Main Sale. There is currently no set date for this pre-order.

Order Period 7 U-noa 1.5 Lusis and Sist Lottery
This lottery is for canceled orders from the Order period 7 Lusis and Sist Main Sale. It will take place after all paid orders from the u-noa 1.5 main sale are shipped.
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