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12 04 - What's new at Alchemic Lab?
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What's new at Alchemic Lab?
  • U-noa Lusis / Sist Lottery
  • U-noa Chibi Option Part Main Sale
  • U-noa Chibi Lottery
Order Period 7 U-noa Lusis / Sist Lottery
Accepting orders January 21st 2010 ~ February 4th 2010
Lottery Results February 6th 2010
Payment period February 8th ~ 19th
Qualifications: anyone can enter
Lusis or Sist kit 39900円 kit
Lusis or Sist kit with large bust 43575
Order restriction: can order only one of each type of doll, for example can order one lusis or one sist (either with or without large bust). You can order both lusis and sist (one each additional bust part doesn't matter) but can not order a sist with normal and a sist with large bust.

Chibi U-noa Option Part Main Sale
Accepting orders:
 February 10th, 2010 ~ February 25th, 2010
Option Face: Prim and Proper ( Lilin / Roron)
Option Face: Oyasumi (Lilin / Roron) : Sleeping face
Option Face: Wink (Lilin/ Roron)
Option Face: funsuka (Roron)
Option Face: Yancha (Lilin) : Naughty
4300 yen each
Option Hands: Rock (fist/grip) set
Option hands: Scissor & Point set
Option hands: Paper Set
Option hands: clasping (attached to each other holding hand)
1575 yen each

Default faceplates for Lilin and Roron will not be on sale during this order.

Order Period 7 Chibi U-noa Roron/Lilin lottery
Date to be determined in 2010
Order restrictions: None

05 21
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 Crescent Shop updates:

Unoa Chibi Roron & Ririn Lottery !! 
Thank you for using our service !!

We are taking lottery applications for Gentaro Araki's latest creation from 13:00 on May 25 to 13:00 June 8.
The dolls are Unoa Chibi Roron & Ririn.
The allocation for our overseas clients is 2 dolls each.
They are all assembled and painted by Mr. Gentaro Araki !!

Further informations including prices will be updated on 25th of May.

<<< Important ordering condition >>>
We can only take applications for the lottery from our clients 
who ordered Unoa dolls from Alchemic Labo through Crescent Shop.
It is NOT including purchase from Yahoo Auctions through our deputy service.

News for this Lottery has been updated. Updated information can be found here.

Unoa Sist & Lusis 7th preorders !!
Thank you very much for using our service.
We are taking preorders for Unoa Lusis & Sist unassembled kits
from 13:00 June 8th to 13:00 June 23th.

Further informations will be updated around June 1st. It is now a few days after June first with still no updates.

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