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07 05 - Understanding U-noa Orders
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 Understanding U-noa Orders

Alchemic Lab has 3.5 types of order periods. Please note that these may differ from how Crescent Shop handles International Orders.
  • Pre-Sale:  Dolls sold in pre-sale are prototype dolls. Most likely a new doll, a short run is made for the purpose of checking quality. The parts and included items may be diffrent than Dolls sold in Main-Sale. Because of the small number of dolls available Pre-sale orders are run as ※Lottery. 
  • ♠Main Sale: Basically, everyone who orders can buy dolls. A certain amount of dolls are produced before the order period opens if the number of dolls available is not exceeded by the number or orders dolls ship immediately after payment is received. If the supply of dolls does not meet the demand a ※lottery is held. Those who win receive dolls right away, those who lose orders turn into pre-orders. 
  • Pre-Order: If the demand exceeds the supply durring Main Sale and you do not win the lottery for currently available dolls your order is treated as a pre-order. For pre-orders buyers will be contacted when their order is completed and will be shipped after payment is received
  • Final Sale: Final Sale is held after a Main sale or Pre-order for excess dolls and cancled orders. If during a Main-Sale if the number of dolls made is more than the number of orders or if durring a Pre-order if there are canceled orders. There will be ※lottery held for the leftover. Like Pre-sale it is usually a small number of dolls.

※It is called lottery but it is not lottery in the typical way. If you win the lottery it is winning the rights to purchase. You still must pay for the doll.
♠ International orders do not have Main-sale. All International orders are Pre-order or Lottery. If dolls from Pre-Sale or Final Sale are offered Internationally via Crescent Shop it is a very very small amount of dolls and they are held as ※Lottery. ※Lottery is not always offered to international customers, sometimes Alchemic Lab and Crescent shop may offer ※lotteries at different times.

International Customers using Crescent Shop as a Deputy

Crescent shop
is the official deputy service for Alchemic Lab, all International orders for Alchemic Lab are handled by Crescent.

You must be a member of Crescent Shop to purchase a pre-order or ※lottery u-noa. When an order period opens usually crescent will notify by email but not everyone will receive this email. They also annouce it under the news section that is shown when Logged in. Crescent usually will not annouce a pre-order until last minute.

Crescent shop opens an easy to use shopping cart for u-noa orders. After using the cart system they send you a email notification, and later an email instructing payment. 

You can order anytime while the shopping cart is open, you do not have to pay right away they give a date deadline where payment is expected. So there is no reason to wait to place your order if you are sure you will have the money before the set payment deadline.

If you do not pay by the deadline your order is cancled. If your order is cancled they may deny you particiapation in future orders.

Deadline for Crescent shop are set in Japan time (Standard Time +0900 UTC). Please be careful to take note of this when ordering to make sure you do not miss the deadlines.

Crescent has their own conditions and fees. When you order an u-noa from Crescent you must pay thier comission fee. They will ship the doll via EMS to your country however they will not mark down the value on the customs form.

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