Unoa Quluts
U-noa Quluts Series Option Parts 
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miso: (Default)
U-noa hand and feet parts.

U-noa 1.5 Girl default hands

U-noa 1.5 Girl default feet

U-noa Quluts Gyonyuu parts (large bust)

The large bust option part Is not compatible with U-noa 1.0 body, is not compatible with the chibi U-noa hannari or funwari bodies.

U-noa Boy default hands

U-noa Boy default feet

U-noa series optional hands are unisex fit U-noa girls, U-noa boys, and chibi U-noa. Do not fit U-noa Second, U-noa Zero, or U-noa Light.

Pointing Hands:

Nigiri Hands (fist, grip hands)

New Optional hands that have not be sold yet. These optional hands were made for the chibi U-noa yet they are compatible with U-noa girls and boys.

Top Left: Rock/Grip hands
Top Middle: Scissors & Point hands
Top Right: Paper hands
Bottom row: Clasping hands with examples of use on one or two dolls.
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