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11 02 - U-noa Stands
miso: (Default)
Differences between the u-noa stands for Domestic and International orders.

Both stands are adjustable for use with u-noa girls (Lusis & Sist), u-noa boys (B-el & L-bi), and chibi u-noa (Lillin & Roron).

Magnetic U-noa Stand
This u-noa stand is available to those ordering u-noa in Japan. They are magnetic allowing varied placement on the base,this also allows you to hide most of the base altogether.
Price: 2,940

U-noa Stand (non-magnetic)
Due to the strong magnet the magnetic stand does not fit international postal regulations. For International Orders another adjustable stand is available.
Price: US$ 40.00

Can be purchased without a doll from Crescent Shop, to order contact crescent shop at

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