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10 29 - Alchemic Lab Order Period 7 Chibi U-noa Pre-Order
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 Alchemic Lab Order Period 7 Chibi U-noa Pre-Order

Main Sale for Chibi U-noa Lilin & Roron will be accepting orders  November 11~25th 2009.
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Chibi U-noa Kit price is 
Unoa Quluts Girl/ Boy/Chibi Adjustable Magnetic Stand price 2,940

Order Particulars: 
U-noa Quluts Chibi / Roron
Face: Roron Default with mouth parts
Body: un-assembled hannari (small bust) body
Hand: chibi u-noa default
Eyes: 12mm Acrylic (Grey) same as 6th order period B-el
Boar Wig: Ash Brown u-noa size

U-noa Quluts Chibi / Lilin
Face:Lilin Default
Body: Assembled funwari (large bust) body
Hand: chibi u-noa default
Eyes: 12mm Acrylic (Light Blue)
Boar Wig: Gold u-noa size same as 6th order period Lusis

The body in the promo pictures are painted and assembled, This pre-order is for a kit. It will come un-assembled and un-painted. The adjustable magnetic stand may be purchased with doll orders. Please take note if you are having friend/family or a deputy other than crescent order an u-noa for you, the stand has a very strong magnet that can be refused in some methods of shipping. I had one shipped from Japan to USA via EMS with no problem but just remember there is a risk involved in ordering it. 

Chibi U-noa faceplate & Option Part information:
Faceplates and option hands will be available in a man order tentatively to occur after the chibi u-noa main sale. Sale of the Bunny Ear option parts for u-noa girl, boy, and chibi is dated only as 2010.

The bust of the funwari body is NOT an option part. The hannari and funwari bodies are 2 different bodies.
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