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7th Order period Pre-order and Lottery 
07 05
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7th Order Period Chibi U-noa Main Sale & 7th Order Period Lusis/Sist Lottery

Order Period 7 Chibi U-noa Roron/Lilin Main Sale/Pre-order
Dolls will be made in advance before the Main Sale. If the demand exceeds the supply a lottery will  be held for those who will receive dolls first. This Main sale will be after the currently in production Order Period 7 U-noa 1.5 Lusis and Sist Main Sale. There is currently no set date for this pre-order.

Order Period 7 U-noa 1.5 Lusis and Sist Lottery
This lottery is for canceled orders from the Order period 7 Lusis and Sist Main Sale. It will take place after all paid orders from the u-noa 1.5 main sale are shipped.
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